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Prime Plots Affordable Homes


At Prime Plots Affordable we market to achieve best value for Affordable Housing.


We do this by marketing your S.106/affordable housing units to a pre-selected list of Registered Providers in order to create a competitive environment. We will secure multiple offers for you.


There are presently in the region of 1,619 Registered Providers in the UK and they are all extremely keen to secure more affordable homes.


Nationally, Housing Associations build an average of 50,000 homes each year. Ideally to reach current demand, they would build twice this number. As such, every opportunity to purchase affordable housing is invited. Our job is to find the best partner for your development.


If you have a requirement to provide S.106/Affordable Housing units in your development, Prime Plots Affordable would be delighted to provide you with multiple offers to purchase.

Please call 01727 477933 or email

Prime Plots Affordable
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